Thoughts on Learning

Developing good learning is like making bread: You mix the ingredients, knead it, knead it, knead it, let it rise, knead it, knead it, let it rise, bake it, taste it and serve it. Then figure out how to make it better next time.


bread-making-1039261_640I love learning, plain and simple. I love the analysis – when I’m first presented with a challenge and must dig through the details to find the absolute best solution. I love surprising a client with an interesting but simple product that meets their needs better than they imagined.

I also love the juggling and plate spinning that comes with project management. I like to be organized – have my file folders color-coded. I believe it is this careful organization that allows my project management to be effective. Of course, as in any endeavor, I’ve learned from experience. My processes have been refined with each project and will continue to be.

I love the creativity in it.

Effective learning starts with the learner and the end goal. What should who be able to do to indicate they’ve “learned”? From that starting point, it is a matter of identifying the most effective and efficient way to get them there. In some cases, having an instructor face-to-face may be critical. In other cases, a learner may just need a checklist, or time to problem solve, or a simulation in which to practice.

Part of the effectiveness and efficiency comes from keeping the learner engaged. How will we keep their attention amidst all the distractions of the world? How will we make an impact?

I love to take a course I made and make it better. Did they learn what they needed to learn? Is there a better way?

Providing answers to these questions is what gets my mind spinning; it’s what moves me.