An Artist’s 7 Secrets to Stimulate Creativity

by equusnyder

“My mom was cool!” announced my brother to a group of a hundred who’d gathered to celebrate her life. Indeed she was. To say she was creative is like saying the Hope Diamond is shiny.

For example, I grew up in a sheep barn. (Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes.) She was the mastermind behind renovating a 100-year-old sheep barn on the family homestead into a 3-story work of art. She drew the floorplans, threw the moldy hay out of the loft, cleaned out the pigeon poop,

Handmade loomed sheep

“Louie” the sheep traveled with Mom and Dad as they moved from home to home. While living in the sheep barn, Mom made the frame, loomed the wool body, sewed the legs and head, and did the original embroidery on the face. Unfortunately, his face deteriorated and had to be replaced.

laid the tile, slate, and wood floors, designed the door to the secret staircase, laid the stone in the fireplace, painted, did all the interior decorating, etc. all while working as a marketing manager for a plastics company.

But it doesn’t end there. She was a master at cooking, drawing, painting, sculpture, wood carving, gardening, and landscaping.

However, to Mom, her own creativity was not nearly as important as cultivating creativity in others. As a child, I enjoyed coloring books, but more often, she would give me a blank sheet of paper (or two, or ten) and encourage me to create my own coloring book. To get me started, she would put four or five random dots on my page. That was the beginning of my masterpiece.

Wendy Severson Art

Artwork in multiple medium. By Wendy Severson. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

She inspired many who knew her. Here are seven tricks she used to foster her own creativity and encourage it in others. Read the rest of this entry »