Taming the Beast: Developing a Corporate Learning Strategy

by equusnyder

Once again I find myself using this blog as a way for me to articulate the thoughts in my mind, not necessarily to share them with you, but because the mental images are lying in a big heap in the middle of my brain and I cannot make sense of them.


The tactile effort of typing the words, and then seeing the words on the screen, seems to help my brain understand the logic that is screaming to get out. It’s no wonder my ears ring.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been given the opportunity to lead a corporate learning program that’s never really been formally established in a 60-year-old company. What a challenge! But, what an even greater opportunity! I am blessed beyond measure.

I joined the company in 2013, just as half of it was being acquired. This was a good thing for me. I spent 2013 getting ready for the split, and 2014 regrouping. 2014 was about positioning. I allowed our content to maintain status quo while I focused on getting a new robust LMS up and running, and getting a skilled learning specialist to partner with me in the venture. We had a few good ILT courses in Q4, but by and large, this year was about preparation.

kkfayWhich brings me to where I am today – crafting what the company’s learning strategy will looking like in the coming years. I feel a bit like Fay Wray in King Kong, being flailed about at the top of the Empire State Building. It is hard to get my arms around this monkey.

Starting with the End in Mind

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