9 Lessons Learned from Standing Up an LMS (Twice)

by equusnyder

learningI joined medical device manufacturer, Wright Medical, shortly after the announcement that the OrthoRecon (hips and knees) division would be sold to MicroPort Orthopedics. I was to join team of 500 or so employees who would be going to the new company.

It was quite an opportunity for me – building a Corporate Learning and Development department from the ground up.

But before that chapter could begin, I had three months in which I needed to stand up a new Learning Management System (LMS) for Wright Medical. It was mid-October when we started and the system HAD to be in place upon the sale of the company, January 9. (Shortly after, I would stand up the same system for MicroPort.)

This, I’m told by many in the industry, is a VERY rapid stand up. In fact, a colleague with a major hotel chain was standing up the same system, except she started three months earlier and would finish shortly AFTER we implemented.
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